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educational Game Windows, Android, IOS, OSX, Linux en Female reproductive system, side view (Normal) Human body game. What's the name? - Natural Sciences Games

Female reproductive system, side view (Normal)

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Human body game. What's the name?

Female reproductive system, side view (Normal)

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Test yourself with this interactive game about the female reproductive system, Do you know what is the name of each anathomical item shown on the picture? You have to choose the right answer from a list of several options.

Zoom in or zoom out the image in order to adjust it to the size of your desktop’s device. You also can click on it and drag to centre the image.

Tipo de Juego What's the name?

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Imagen Reproductor femenino corte

Url imagen /imagenes/anatomia/reproductor-femenino-corte/

Alto 6750

Ancho 12000

Ilustrador: Fundamentium

Tipo de mapa Ciencias naturales






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2022/09/01 04:02

Sexo: Es una característica que diferencia el femenino del masculino (Rae)

Sexología: Es el estudio científico de la sexualidad humana, incluidos los intereses, comportamientos y funciones sexuales humanos

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